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To detect your video card model and driver version (release date), proceed as follows:
- Press the "Windows" button together with the "R" key on the keyboard;
- This opens the "Run" dialog box. In the "Open" field, type "mmc devmgmt.msc" (without quotes);
- click "OK";
- open the "Video card" node to check the model (if your PC has two video cards, you'll find both types listed below in subnodes);
- do a right mouse button click on the subnode indicating the video card type and model;
- select "Properties" from the local menu;
- in the "Driver" tab you'll find all the information relating to the video card's driver date and version.
old version model
First of all, verify your Video Card driver version (release date) installed on your PC/Laptop (see FAQ "How can I detect the kind of Video Card I have installed in my PC?").

Access the video card manufacturer's website and check their drivers update service to see if a more recent driver is available.

Back-up your data.

If a more up to date version is available, download the driver and proceed with installation, follow the instructions provided on screen.

Restart your PC.
to Update updating
Edificius is an Architectural BIM design program that requires high performance graphics capabilities.
Integrated video cards do not garantee the necessary level of performance.
For this reason we recommend using Edificius on PCs with dedicated video cards.

Using PCs or Laptops with integrated video cards may cause Edificius to not function correctly: you may see error messages and the software may not function properly.
Intel integrated video card
The latest generation of laptops are equipped with two video cards allowing the user to switch from one to another.
Integrated video cards (intel), are used by the computer when not connected to the mains power supply ensuring low power consumption while maximizing the autonomy of use.
The other video card is nomally a high performance card (NVIDIA, ATI/AMD), and is used when the PC is connected to the mains giving a much higher graphical experience and performance.

To ensure the optimal functioning of Edificius, make sure you are using the high performance card connecting your Laptop to the mains power supply or by setting it from the control panel under Power Options.
Intel switching video cards
The video card must be 100% OpenGL compatible.
The minimum requirements for Edificius to function properly are:
- at least 1 GB of dedicated Video Memory. (we suggest 2 GB);
- updated 100% OpenGL compliant Video card drivers.
Video card requirements
This message: "Edificius Video Card Driver control", appears when launching the software and when your Video Card Driver software hasn't been updated for more than a year.

In this case, please proceed to updating your Video Card Driver as described in the dedicated FAQ, "How can I get a Driver Update for my Video Card?".

If your PC hasn't been updated with the latest video card drivers, this may compromise the correct functioning of Edificius.
Edificius VIDEO DRIVER control